Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Meet George, who is a Physician Associate in cardiology at the West Suffolk Hospital. George completed his clinical rotations at West Suffolk, and discovered a love for cardiology whilst on the wards. So, he was determined to secure a position there after graduating.

George has been hard at work in cardiology as the hospital’s first-ever Physician Associate in cardiology since qualifying in 2019. For his first year, George spent time working alongside the junior doctors and registrars, learning the basics of the speciality, and assisting the consultants during ward rounds. As time went by, George’s role has evolved, and he now works in the cardiac critical care unit, looking after the more complex and acutely unwell patients.

Every new rotation of doctors teaches me something new

George RoutPhysician Associate at the West Suffolk Hospital

As a physician associate, George has become a constant presence in the cardiology team, providing continuity of care for his patients and the MDT. George has started accepting referrals for new patients and seeing patients with cardiac problems who are in other parts of the hospital. He also helps the junior doctors as they come onto cardiology for their clinical rotations. George said: “Every new rotation of doctors teaches me something new.”

George’s commitment to cardiology goes beyond his workday; he even ran the London Marathon a few years ago to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. To advance his career, George is also working on getting his accreditation in echocardiography. This involves scanning patients with a portable echo device at the bedside and logging 250 cases in a portfolio to prove his skills with echocardiography.

If you want to learn more about George’s journey as a Physician Associate, you can listen to his podcast episode.