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Remember that fresh‑faced graduate, brimming with enthusiasm and ready to tackle the world? Well, that was me six years ago. But the realities of a busy clinic, constantly evolving guidelines, and the ever-present need to stay on top of it all can leave you feeling like you’re treading water with your CPD. That’s where Red Whale’s online training course for primary care PAs stepped in and transformed my practice.

From Stressed to Empowered:

Let’s be honest, primary care throws a lot at us. Chronic disease management, acute care, mental health, preventive medicine – it’s a constant juggling act. Red Whale’s course wasn’t just about ticking off boxes; it was about empowering me with the knowledge and confidence to handle these diverse challenges head-on

Here’s what I loved about Red Whale’s primary care‑focused course

  • Targeted Content: Designed specifically for PAs in primary care, the course tackled real-world scenarios I encounter daily, from managing diabetes to navigating complex medication interactions.
  • Expert-led modules: It’s not just another boring click-box and eLearning module. Red Whale’s educators delivered the content in a professional, memorable, and humorous way, ensuring I was learning from the best. Their insights were practical, actionable, and immediately applicable in my clinic. I loved the way their learning style is more active (rather than just passively staring at a screen) to ensure you remember what you studied.
  • Flexible format: The online platform allowed me to learn at my own pace, squeezing in modules during lunch breaks or after hours. No more sacrificing precious family time for professional development! Red Whale is famous for the quality of its online Handbook. And with this course, you get 12 months of access to the video content, and the Red Whale knowledge online handbook too!

The impact:

The results have been tangible. My consultations have already become more efficient and effective. I feel more confident tackling complex cases, and ultimately the patients will notice the difference in my knowledge and feel more empowered to manage their health. So, if you’re a primary care PA feeling overwhelmed, unchallenged, or simply ready to take your practice to the next level, I urge you to consider Red Whale’s online training course. It’s an investment in your professional growth, your patient care, and ultimately, your well-being. Visit Red Whale’s website today and unlock your full potential as a primary care PA!

Exclusive Discount Code

The PA+PER is delighted to announce that Red Whale is offering an exclusive discount for Physician Associates, to celebrate the launch of their new PA Update Course. Get 10% of the cost of the course if you purchase before 30th April 2024. Visit & use the code PHYSICIANASSOCIATE10 at the checkout.

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