Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

As we approach the winter months, and the dark nights draw in, we can often find ourselves pondering whats been happening over the last year, or in this edition, the last 20 years!

We look back at the story of having Physician Associates successfully working in the UK for over two decades! From the introduction of PAs to the NHS and to the few places who had the vision to employ the first PAs in the UK, right up to those graduates who have recently received their PANE exam results, our esteemed guest editor, and a previous mentor of mine, Karen Roberts takes us through her journey of establishing the PA profession and arguably laying the foundations of who we are today.

What if being a PA isn’t enough for you? We take a look at Donya’s incredible story of being a PA, and now, taking the great step up by going to med school and becoming a doctor. Her insights are invaluable to help us understand the differences in PA and doctors training and might just help you decide what could be your next step.

We travel all the way to Weston-Super-Mare, to the incredible story of Melanie, who against all odds at leaving school with no GCSEs has found herself being one of the most highly respected PAs in the area. 

We’ve also got some amazing articles from the GMC and for those with wondering minds, an interesting article on PAs in New Zealand (YES we can work there!).

Finally, where would we be without highlighting the growing contribution to research that PAs are doing?! PACT, a research organisation are looking for PAs to contribute, so please dive-in to this edition of The PA+PER to explore opportunities for PAs. 

One closing thought I wanted to share with you in these tough times is being a PA is hugely rewarding, and we are here to serve patients to our best ability every day. Recognition comes with time, relentless effort on promoting our profession and clear dialogue (check out the article on Page 15 on explaining our roles). Just remember – it took until 2007 (over 40 years after PAs were introduced into the USA) for the last state to allow PAs to prescribe! Don’t lose hope. The PA+PER magazine is here to celebrate the power of PAs – so please, use this power to propel us forward, because GMC regulation is coming and we need to make sure we deliver.

Yours sincerely


Alexander Reynolds PA‑R, Editor‑in‑chief

Joseph Ormerod

By Joseph Ormerod


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