Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

My name is Natasha. I have been a PA for 12 years. I was the first RCP FPA PA of the Year in 2016. I studied BSc Biomedical Science at UCL in 2005 and then did the Master’s PA course at the University of Birmingham in 2010. 

I have worked in various settings, both NHS and private, across primary and secondary care, in both fixed positions and as a locum, and taught on the Brunel PA course. 

I am currently working as a PA in primary care. In addition to my clinical role, I also work as an outreach coordinator for a non‑profit organisation called YourStance. YourStance, led by medical professionals, runs a preventative educational project which empowers young people at risk from serious youth violence by teaching them lifesaving skills such as basic life support, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and haemorrhage control, which enable them to make informed decisions when faced with an emergency. 

We run workshops across London in alternative educational provisions, prisons, youth hubs, and on the streets with youth detachment workers. We work alongside the NHS violence reduction unit, LAS and Met Police. The organisation relies on healthcare professionals to volunteer their time to teach the workshops. The project has also been able to connect and re‑engage healthcare workers with young people and their communities in new settings, which has helped reignite fallen levels of compassion towards this patient group.

We run bi-monthly free online training for volunteers upon sign‑up.

Click on the YourStance logo below to find out more. 

“You can make a difference to your community outside of your clinical role through organisations such as YourStance or other community development projects.

Remember fellow PAs, this can form part of your CPD and may also be supported by your employer.”

Natasha WarnerPhysician Associate & Outreach Coordinator
There is no commitment to how many sessions you volunteer for. Even if it’s just one, it will make a difference!